Miami-Dade police catch five men imitating police officers

by | Apr 16, 2014 | Hobbs Act robbery

Miami-Dade police working an undercover detail Monday made a startling discovery: They spotted five men inside a silver 2009 Nissan Maxima, pulling on police gear and strapping on weapons. The real plainclothes cops observed the men place red and blue lights on the car, put on police T-shirts, caps, attach badges with police insignias, and passed flex cuffs to each other, according to a police report. One of the men “exited the vehicle and fastened a mid-thigh holster with a blue steel semi-automatic pistol in it,” according to the report. Miami-Dade Police detective Carlos Garcia quickly radioed dispatch to check whether another detail was working in Concord Park, 3301 SW 114th Ave., a nondescript swath south of Florida International University and a few blocks from Florida’s Turnpike. “Police dispatch verified that there were not any undercover/plainclothes units working in the…

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