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What Is Aggravated Assault?

The law is tricky in many ways. One of those is a distinction between the different levels of a crime. If you get into a physical altercation with someone in Florida, you could end up with charges for a variety of different crimes, which are all basically for fighting. However, the distinction between the different charges depends a lot on the circumstances. You could be looking at simple assault or aggravated assault depending on what exactly happened and the details of the situation.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement explains that a physical altercation may elevate to the status of aggravated assault if you hurt the other person severely or if you used a weapon during the assault. This is a more serious charge than a simple assault. It is a felony and therefore carries more extreme punishments.

A severe injury requires an explanation as well because it may not be exactly what you think. The obvious is if you cause serious injury, such as internal bleeding, loss of consciousness or something similar. However, breaking a bone or even knocking out a tooth is also considered a severe injury. Even a serious cut falls under this definition.

There are other charges that you could also face instead of aggravated assault. Some of these carry even harsher penalties. It all depends on the situation and how the prosecutor views the evidence. Most often, a prosecutor will charge you with the most serious charge that carries the highest level of penalty unless he or she feels the evidence is lacking. This information is for education and does not constitute legal advice.

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