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Helping Your Teen Deal With Cyberstalking Charges

Your child may encounter many hardships during the formative teen years, and ending up in court over allegations of cyberstalking can be particularly devastating. According to the Florida Legislature, cyberstalking cases take different forms, whether they involve accessing others’ online accounts without their consent or harassing someone through the distribution of online material.

Sometimes, cyberstalking allegations are completely baseless, and many of these cases involve exaggerations and lies. When cyberstalking cases involve former friends or an ex, emotions often run high. Every cyberstalking case is unique, and you may wonder whether your teen’s behavior even constitutes cyberstalking.

Review your teen’s cyberstalking case

Carefully examine your teen’s case. Even seemingly minor details can shape the way the courts will handle it and your teen’s chances of securing a more favorable end result or having the charges dropped altogether.

For example, some people prove their innocence after going over messages and other electronic communication related to the case. In other instances, people avoid prison and very serious consequences by providing the court with a clearer understanding of the alleged incident(s).

Cyberstalking charges and your teen’s future

From your teen’s standing in the community and his or her ability to attend a certain college to financial penalties, a criminal record and even time behind bars, cyberstalking charges are likely to permanently impact your teen’s future. Even though you may feel angry or upset with your child for the behavior, he or she needs your support during this time. Our website covers other topics that relate to preparing for court when cyberstalking charges surface.

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