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How Can a Felony Drug Conviction Change Your Life?

In Florida, the law treats drug crimes seriously. If courts convict you of a drug crime, you may face severe penalties. Is your crime a felony instead of a misdemeanor? That often results in stricter penalties. They have the potential to alter the course of your life. 

Felony drug crimes often result in predictable penalties for the convicted. This includes time in jail, fines, and fees for the court or attorneys. For felony crimes, the cost of fines and fees are higher than for misdemeanors. Jail time is longer as well. Many sentences last years. 

But many do not consider the long-term implications of drug convictions. A drug conviction does not end when you have served your jail sentence. That conviction stays on your record for years to come. This has the potential to affect many areas of your life. A few of them may include: 

  • Your ability to rent an apartment 
  • How desirable you are as an employee 
  • Your social life 
  • What fields you are eligible to enter 
  • College admission 

Consider when potential employers, landlords or colleges look at your criminal record. They see you have a felony conviction. The crime itself often does not factor into their decision. Just having this conviction on your record is enough to hurt you. 

Are you interested in reading about felony drug crimes and the penalties if you are convicted? Do you want to learn more about other penalties related to drug crimes? If so, visit our linked web page here. Read more about how Florida handles drug related crimes, especially felonies. 

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