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2 Instances Where Possession of a Firearm Is Illegal

As an adult, you have the legal right to possess a firearm as established in the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights. However, there are certain limitations on that right. 

Both federal rules and Florida state laws create circumstances in which the possession of a firearm ostensibly becomes a criminal offense. If the police catch you with a gun, the simple act of firearm possession could lead to your arrest. 

When might you wind up charged with a crime if the police discover you are in possession of a firearm?

After a domestic violence charge

If someone called the cops on you after a fight with your spouse, you could find yourself facing allegations of domestic violence. Your spouse doesn’t even need to testify against you or cooperate with prosecutors for the state to bring charges and a conviction against you. Even a misdemeanor offense related to domestic violence is enough for you to permanently lose your right to legally own a firearm.

After diagnosis with certain mental health conditions

Typically, those who want to purchase a firearm or secure a new gun-related permit will be subject to a background check. This check involves a review of someone’s criminal record and particular medical concerns, like hospitalizations for mental health issues. Individuals with certain psychiatric conditions may no longer meet the criteria to legally possess a firearm.

Numerous other situations could lead to an arrest for a weapons offense, like carrying a firearm improperly or displaying it in a way that someone views as threatening. Learning more about what leads to firearm charges can help you plan how to defend yourself if prosecutors file weapons charges against you.

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