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Are you, a friend or a loved one charged with a criminal drug offense? Being arrested for a drug offense is serious and can have lifelong consequences. The first thing one must remember when being arrested for a drug crime is how important it is to exercise your right to an attorney and your right to remain silent. These rights, typically called Miranda rights, are a very powerful tool because, once they are invoked, law enforcement MUST stop all interrogation. At the Law Offices of Paul D. Petruzzi, P.A., our team of Miami drug attorneys understands that your future depends on how you are defended today. With more than 25 years of experience representing the criminally accused in both state and federal courts, we are prepared to defend your case. If you are facing charges for a drug offense at the state or federal level, contact us for a FREE consultation now. We are available 24/7.

Potential Drug Conviction Penalties

Even though drug offenses range from being misdemeanors (the least serious), to felonies (the most serious), an arrest for any drug crime has serious lifelong consequences. Indeed, the possible penalties for drug crimes may include imprisonment ranging from one day to as much as LIFE, heavy fines, the forfeiture of property, and periods of probation. Many drug crimes also carry mandatory minimum sentences. In Florida state drug cases, such mandatory minimum sentences include prison terms of three, seven, 15 and 25 years. In federal drug cases, such mandatory minimum sentences include prison terms of 5, 10, 20 and LIFE.

Other Serious Consequences After Conviction

In addition to these legal penalties, a drug conviction can have other serious consequences. A drug conviction will affect employment opportunities as most employers run background checks before hiring and often do not even give persons with criminal records a chance for an interview much less employment. In addition, under federal and Florida law, one convicted of a felony drug offense may no longer possess and/or purchase a firearm. Worse, in Florida, one convicted of a felony drug offense may also no longer vote as convicted felons in Florida are strictly prohibited from voting. A drug conviction of any degree or level can have serious consequences on one’s ability to receive financial aid for post-secondary education, and it may impact an individual’s ability to keep or obtain a license such as a professional license (doctor, lawyer, teacher, law enforcement). A criminal conviction, especially a felony conviction, even though totally unrelated to the practice of any profession, may impact the ability to hold that license, and may result in a revocation.

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Four Basic Categories Of Drug Offenses

The following are the four general categories drug charges may fall under, all of which our firm handles:

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Attorney Paul Petruzzi has more than 25 years of experience defending clients charged with drug offenses. He has represented persons charged with, or under investigation for various drug offenses in Florida and around the United States. It is important for one to hire an experienced Miami drug crime attorney when faced with these types of drug charges. Attorney Paul Petruzzi’s knowledge and expertise in this field of law is a vital asset to anyone charged with these crimes.

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