About The Law Offices Of Paul D. Petruzzi, P.A.

This law firm was established by Mr. Paul D. Petruzzi in 1999, several years after he had begun his legal career at another firm. With the founding of this firm. Mr. Petruzzi had the freedom to give clients and their cases his full attention and creativity. With time, additional lawyers and legal staff joined the firm, rounding out the skills and experience. Our mission has been to deliver full-service representation in even the most challenging cases involving:

  • Criminal defense, including tough cases litigated through state and federal courts.
  • law services, including divorce, child custody and other legal matters affecting family relationships.

Members of the firm conduct in-depth investigations as part of the firm’s own work, as well as handling fact-finding for other law firms. We welcome the opportunity to evaluate potential cases and advise inquirers on how to confront their legal issues. We welcome the opportunity to share information about our many previous successes and our enthusiasm about making your case work for you. .

At our firm, clients receive truly customized counsel and representation. Determining a client’s goals and priorities is as important a practice as is arguing a case before a jury.

Traditional Or Informal?

Depending on the facts of a case and what has happened so far, attorneys at the firm might, on any given day, be dressed down in jeans and flannel shirts or dressed up as if for trial. Adapting methods to needs is a core value at the Law Offices of Paul De. Petruzzi, P.A. Making clients feel at ease is one of the hallmarks of the firm. Preparing a case “as if for trial” is a key distinction describing our diligent preparations for each clients’ criminal, family law or other legal matter.


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