International Extraditions

 International extradition proceedings occur when an individual wanted on criminal charges in another country is requested by the foreign country to be removed and returned to face prosecution. For example, when an individual is a citizen of the United States and wanted for a crime abroad, the foreign country will make a request, usually through diplomatic channels, for that individual to be extradited to face the pending charges. Extraditions are commonly governed by treaties between the two countries. However, ultimately it will be the decision of the home country to comply and send their citizen to face prosecution abroad.

These cases tend to be complex and present certain challenges that are not common to all attorneys. If an individual is extradited, and faces prosecution abroad, they are at the behest of the foreign country’s criminal justice system and their rights may not be the same as at home.

Our attorneys have experience with extradition cases. Being in Miami – an international hub – has brought our office cases that dealt firsthand with U.S. citizens being sought abroad as well as foreign citizens here in the U.S. being sought abroad. If you or someone you know is subject to any extradition proceedings, contact our office to discuss your options.


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