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Choose the Best Miami Criminal Attorney For You

From his office in Miami, Florida, criminal defense attorney Paul Petruzzi, and the criminal defense law firm he established, specialize in federal and state criminal cases.  If you are searching for a criminal lawyer in Miami you need to contact Paul Petruzzi today.  With the highest possible rating of his ethical standards and legal ability, a Superb rating from AVVO, and recognition as Top 100 Trial Lawyers from The National Trial Lawyer Association, Mr.  Petruzzi and his legal team aggressively and skillfully represent criminally charged clients in a wide array of matters related to federal and state criminal offenses.  You have many choices when hiring an attorney to defend you; so make sure you choose the best criminal defense lawyer for you and your case.

Mr.  Petruzzi and his criminal defense law firm have skillfully and successfully represented over one thousand criminal defense clients from across the United States and around the world who have found themselves involved in federal and state criminal cases.  While the criminal defense clients at the firm come from all walks of life, they have one thing in common: the need for the best criminal defense lawyer they can afford when their freedom is at stake.  As recognized experts in criminal defense, Mr.  Petruzzi and his team possess years of skill representing clients on criminal matters in state and federal court.  The law firm's representation includes all aspects of criminal matters from criminal investigations and grand jury proceedings, through trial, to criminal appeals, and on to post-conviction litigation including sentence reductions.

Although the law firm at its core, remains a criminal defense trial firm, clients often simply desire to resolve their criminal matters as expeditiously and favorably as possible through negotiated settlements.  Each case is different, and no matter what the client chooses, Paul Petruzzi and his team strive to ensure that they obtain an ultimate outcome that best minimizes any criminal exposure so that his clients may move on with their personal and business affairs.

Aggressive Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer Paul Petruzzi

Paul Petruzzi and his criminal defense law firm have earned the reputation of being thorough, aggressive and highly professional in representing their clients, defending their rights, and ensuring the utmost respect for the due process to which they are entitled.  Since its founding, his Miami criminal defense law firm has been 100% devoted to the individuals and businesses they represent; whether under investigation, or already charged in federal or state court with violations of the law.  Clients have included local, national, and international business owners, doctors, lawyers, professional athletes, bankers, real estate professionals, artists, musicians, actors, police officers, firemen, corrections officers, school teachers, and countless others from all walks of life.

The criminal defense law firm is also often called upon to represent individuals for contested sentencing purposes, during the appeals process or for other matters.  Regardless, and despite the differences between every case and every client, the firm always meets the legal challenges they face.

If you are facing criminal charges, you should not do it alone.  Contact criminal lawyer Paul D.  Petruzzi and his criminal defense law firm today for a consultation. Law Offices of Paul D.  Petruzzi PA

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